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BEST WPP9IQT48SB Kitchen Range Hood Parts

Listed below are the parts available for this model.

Use the parts explosion image to locate the associated part key number. When you hold your mouse over the parts explosion picture, it should zoom it for a closer look. Once you have found the parts that you need, select the matching part key from the list below. Then add the desired item to your shopping cart by clicking "Add to Cart."

If parts are not listed, they are no longer available

BEST WPP9IQT48SB Kitchen Range Hood Parts
BEST WPP9IQT48SB Kitchen Range Hood Parts breakout large
ImagePart KeyPart NumberDescriptionUnit PriceDesired Quantity
9SB08087951 Grease Filters $114.86
17SBE3351882 Light Diffuser Support 36” $52.42
17SBE3351898 Light Diffuser Support 42” $54.52
37SB02300804 Heat Sentry $17.21
67SB06102602 Wires Assembly $126.76
114SB032904990 Wire Clamp $4.74
115SBE3350233 Wiring Box $25.85
130SBE3405180 Front Trim 36” $129.53
130SBE3405184 Front Trim 42” $133.04
195SBE3351870 Filter Spacers 42” Only $31.18
274SB03295035 Fuse Box $8.80
415SB03292596 Fairlead $0.51
439SB02320034 Grommet $5.22
474SB02300918 Lamp Socket $47.29
485SB08016372 Decorative Flue Assembly $189.25
490SBE3405182 Grease Rails 36” $51.21
490SBE3405185 Grease Rails 42” $52.85
506S97019432 Bldc Driver $328.50
507SB06102584 Calibration Button Assembly $46.01
 SB080810995 Fitting Set (Includes Key No. 998) $21.24
AQISB06102596 Switch Box Assembly $74.20
ARUSB08092501 Duct Connector Assembly 8” $40.37
CASSB06002259 Blower Assembly $420.07
ANKWPP9SB08999177 Non-Ducted Kit (Includes Key No. 58, 86, 122, 503) $132.41
58SB03294170 Outlet Reduction $34.81
86SB03292300 Outlet Flange $8.21
122SB08093448 Riser $48.89
503SB02011557 Expandable Duct $64.66
AFCROUND2S99111455 Non-Duct Filter Supports $49.93
1SB02300890 Light Bulb T4-25WATT 120V G9BASE $14.11
0HCK44 Cord Kit with 6' cord and plug $16.57