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Nautilus N12000 Range Hood Parts

Listed below are the parts available for this model.

Use the parts explosion image to locate the associated part key number. Once you have found the parts that you need, select the matching part key from the list below. Then add the desired item to your shopping cart by clicking "Add to Cart."

If parts are not listed, they are no longer available

Nautilus N12000 Range Hood Parts
Nautilus N12000 Range Hood Parts breakout small
ImagePart KeyPart NumberDescriptionUnit PriceDesired Quantity
 S99020139 Blower Wheel CCW $13.50
 S99020138 Blower Wheel CW $13.84
 S97007807 Charcoal Filter Kit ( contains 2 filters 9X10-1/8) $37.44
 S97010327 Complete Blower Assembly $145.42
 S97010736 Motor double shafted $95.04
 S97007314 Blower Scroll Housing $30.56
 S98005212 Motor Retaining Ring $3.44
 S97010902 Rubber Motor Mount $4.75
 S99420464 Blower Mounting Rod $3.04
 S99260476 Mounting Rod Nut $2.14
 S97006721 Fan/Light Control Switch Board  
 S99110535 Slide Knob for Speed Control $6.07
 S97011802 Knob - Switch $10.06
 S97011804 Control Panel Face Plate  
 S97006940 Ballast Transformer Kit $22.79
 S97006733 Heat Sentry Thermostat  
 S99270553 Fluorescent Starter FS-2 $5.72
 S99270550 Fluorescent Lampholder $2.66
 S95000340 Cover Grille $63.63
 S99110538 Blower Housing Box Trim $7.78
 S97013142 Control Panel & Shelf Trim  
 S98005817 Blower Support Brace $3.16
 S97006078 Damper Assembly $19.76
0HCK44 Cord Kit with 6' cord and plug $13.93